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A semester gig turned hobby.

It's not that deep.

"It's Not That Deep" is a stop motion animation and physical flipbook bound with Japanese binding techniques, capturing the journey from prolonged stress and anxiety to a moment of clarity and relief. As the pages flip and the animation unfolds, viewers are taken on a visual exploration of the intense emotions experienced in moments of crisis, ultimately leading to the realization that the situation truly isn't as dire as it seemed. 

Time doesn't stop.

"Time Doesn't Stop" is a rubylith silkscreen print capturing the dichotomy of internal chaos and external composure. Through swirling reds and deep blacks, it portrays the hidden struggles of mania while maintaining a serene facade. The artwork prompts reflection on the disconnect between inner turmoil and external perception, urging empathy for those whose battles may go unnoticed.

Finish Strong!

"Finish Strong" is a CMYK silkscreen print that vividly captures the end-of-semester struggle, depicting the battle to maintain motivation amidst looming finals and assignments. The juxtaposition of the foreground monkey, representing the present struggle, against the backdrop of serene summer scenery symbolizes the tension between the immediate challenges and the promise of relaxation just beyond reach. 

In simple terms: "Finish Strong" is what my parents say to me towards the end of the semester. But instead of being words of motivation it serves the opposite purpose to me by adding more pressure. This monkey is me. The frame is my parents.

Fish out of water. 

"Fish Out of Water" is a poignant bitmap print that encapsulates the experience of imposter syndrome. The phrase "good could be better" hauntingly acknowledges a sense of inadequacy, where one fears never fully reaching their potential or achieving their goals despite being in a decent position. The visual of a lady holding a fish quite literally out of water adds a layer of symbolism, representing the feeling of being out of place and struggling to find one's footing in unfamiliar territory. Through its imagery, the artwork delves into the internal struggle of never feeling quite at home or capable in one's own skin.

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